Due to the nature of printmaking, the courses I run are for relatively small groups. This allows for a high level of support so I can tailor the processes to suit individual artists’ ideas. I am very hands on, teaching through demonstrations, but within this structure, encourage students’ freedom in the way they apply these techniques to their own practice. I’m dynamic in my teaching methods and always have lots of fun. I find it incredibly exciting and enjoy the adventure of such a productive and creative environment.

My own practice is split between etching and painting. My multi plate etchings involve a process of layering, stripping back, editing and adding again which is also how I paint. It’s as much a process of unearthing an image as it is building it up. This push and pull is both exciting and torturous. I hope my work has a physical presence which although autonomous, is still firmly rooted in a sense of place or a tangible experience. I am also fascinated by colour and find etching the perfect medium for exploring its relationships.


Painterly Printmaking 12/02/2020


Explore a creative and experimental approach to a variety of printmaking techniques including monoprinting and collagraph. Taught by Rachael Kantaris, a highly experienced print maker and painter, she will share with you the versatility of combining these printing methods. You will work on three print presses in the Porthmeor Print workshop, to create multi-layered painterly prints.