Peter Skerrett

I enjoy the intensity of the workshops that I’m invited to run here at the school. A group of artists can produce such an incredible body of work in just a few days. This really inspires my own practice. The energy helps me to see and notice more when I’m out and about in Cornwall to bring these observations back to the studio.

After a career as a set designer for the theatre and as an Architect, I now have my own practice as an artist in my studio at Potager Garden in Cornwall which I co-founded in 2001. Three years ago I was awarded a fellowship at the Florence Academy of Art where I learnt the sight size method of drawing which I now apply in my teaching.

Peter’s diverse approach to his personal art practice and his experience supporting other creatives makes him an exciting lead artist on the Porthmeor Programme for 2019. He also delivers a course using an experimental approach to drawing to help students discover exciting new ways to develop their own creative voice.



CW - Drawing Out Your Voice 23/11/2019


Explore how working in a series, rather than with a single image, can reinvigorate and extend your art practice. Through engaging exercises, discover how to open up new ways to develop images from initial observational sketches into more developed art works. This course will help you to identify your creative voice through drawing and develop it in new and unexpected ways.

Drawing Out Your Voice 14/04/2020


Many artists feel compelled to make sketches of what they see in day-to-day life. However, back in the studio, developing these can be a challenge. This course will help you identify your unique vision of the world by integrating your observation of the material world with the personal topography of your memory and imagination. Learn to translate your creative impulse into meaningful work by working in series rather than on individual pieces. This course’s emphasis is on the freedom to progress, allowing more consolidated artwork to emerge.