Marion Taylor

I have enjoyed tutoring at the School of Painting, to all ages and abilities, for about 27 years. Teaching has always gone hand in hand with creating my own work, as I find sharing ideas and techniques stimulating and rewarding. My approach has been to give students the confidence to develop their skills, to think for themselves and so extend their visual language and find their own path.

Recently I have been introducing figurative elements into my painting, while very much retaining the abstract sensibility so important to the essence of my practice. The work has often been about layers, sometimes with representational images (both painted and my photographs) glimpsed through passages of expressive paint handling. The love of paint and its manipulation allows the process to lead the way.

Be Colour Confident 03/10/2019


Understand how to make colour work well for you in a painting. Learn how to harness colour to create strongly composed and beautiful paintings.  Starting with a little bit of science to explain what colour actually is, you will then enjoy the practical pleasure of mixing accurately and applying colour successfully in your work.

The Human Touch 14/10/2019


Discover how to capture the essence of a figure in a relaxed and experimental atmosphere; an opportunity for those who enjoy drawing the figure to explore new materials and stimulating approaches. Working from a live model learn to capture the human form in immediate, direct ways and how to incorporate the figure into more substantial or narrative paintings.

*NB Previous Title: Experimental Figure


Inspired by Nature; A View of Porthmeor 21/10/2019


The forms and beauty of the natural world and the Cornish coastline were a recurrent inspiration for both Barbara Hepworth and Wilhelmina Barns Graham. Delve into the abstracted forms of these two renowned and innovative St Ives Modernist artists. Respond to the same environments that inspired them, including visiting the Hepworth garden and working from the same rugged landscape. NB. Please note this course was previously called Exploring Forms.


The Art of Keeping it Simple 04/11/2019


Many artists have used the still-life genre as a successful vehicle to experiment and develop their ideas. In this course students will consider the deceptively simple still life paintings of renowned British Modernists Ben Nicholson and William Scott, who created innovative, powerful works by reducing subject and content to its essentials. Learn to create dynamic paintings by focusing on simple forms, considered composition and a limited colour palette.

Abstracting the Figure in Paint 13/01/2020


Using oils, mixed media and drawing, work from the nude and clothed figure to explore the exciting relationship between abstraction and representation. The work of the Bay Area Figurative movement of 1950's San Francisco is our starting point. Move from the use of a recognisable subject to boldly coloured, abstract arrangements. An ideal course to advance your figure painting whilst exploring both abstraction and representation.



Pushing the Boundaries 27/01/2020


This dynamic course explores the boundaries between representation and abstraction. Extend your painting vocabulary through a series of structured exercises and explore the manipulation of paint and image in a fun and experimental way. Enjoy the freedom to experiment and challenge yourself in a well-resourced and supportive atmosphere.
“Stimulating, challenging, well organised and varied. I was looking for a new direction for my painting and this has given me a plethora of possibilities. Thank you!” - J. Friskney Adams


Approaching Painting (4) 20/04/2020


This course is ideal for the beginner and guides you through some of the key materials and methods used by painters. Gather visual information through drawing, then develop your work using tonal studies and simple print making techniques. Progressing into paint, explore the properties and application of both acrylic and oil paint to create informed and individual paintings.