Francesca Owen

Francesca Owen is a specialist in pigments and dyes. She studied at the prestigious Slade School of Fine Art under the guidance of Turner Prize nominee, Phyllida Barlow and the current Head of Painting, Andrew Stahl. She has researched painting pigments and dyes as far wide as Laos, Australia and Spain and more locally Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.

Francesca has been teaching since 2010, leading workshops on paint making techniques. She shares her unique practice and love of painting the landscape of West Penwith, using pigments that are handmade and local to the places she is painting about. Her five week course at St Ives School of Painting shows you how to process your own pure pigments, turning them into painting mediums. Working both outside and in the studio, she works with students to study the essential qualities of the land and sea and how to relay these in a painting. Visit her website to find out more about her work.

PM - Landscape in Natural Pigments 24/09/2019


Use paint made from pure earth pigments to describe land and sea. The colour palette of natural pigments is earthier and more organic than standard paints. This pushes you to use depth and texture to describe landscape. This workshop presents the pure and unadulterated thrill of painting in its rawest form. 

AM - Introduction to Natural Pigments 24/09/2019


This is paint at its most elemental. Learn to process pure pigments and combine them with different binders. Earth pigments tell a unique story of place, history and geology. You’ll learn to make acrylic, oil and egg tempera paint, an insight into this extraordinary alchemy. 

Layered Landscape 14/10/2019


Learn how to build up layers in your landscape painting using the rugged coastline around St Ives as your inspiration. Over four days explore different styles and mediums with two different tutors. Initially create drawings, monochromatic studies and coloured grounds, influenced by weather and atmosphere. Back in the studio develop an expressive, intuitive response to the landscape with a focus on structure and space.

Landscape Painting with Natural Pigments 11/05/2020


This is painting at its most elemental. Connect with a lineage that stretches back to cave painters, learning to grind, mix and bind your own earth pigments to work with. In an age when you can get anything pre-mixed and processed, this is a rare moment to ask ‘how?’. See the effect a deeper understanding can have on your landscape.