Emma Mc Clure

The courses I teach are structured to give the students an experience of developing a painting that is similar to my own approach. In this way, I aim to impart my knowledge of painting built up over many years of practice as a painter. It is always interesting to see the paintings produced by the students during a course and I often find I learn something new too.

The landscape of West Penwith provides plenty of inspiration. I often draw outside, usually choosing animals in fields, farms, flora and fauna as subjects. Or, I might work from a still life in my studio. Whatever the subject, the process of observing and recording as a starting point is the same and the paintings develop from these drawings and my memory of the subject.

Emma Mc Clure cows

Vibrant Still Life in Oils 01/04/2019


Capture the essential nature of a subject in a fresh way and create a simple still life in oils. Learn to combine vibrant colour with playful compositions with tips on using drawing to plan your painting. This is an ideal course if you are new to painting or just want guidance on how to bring colour and life into your work.