Andrew Barrowman

Landscape painting in Cornwall, Andrew Barrowman paints en plein air and in the studio using oils as his chosen medium. He tries to convey the feeling and atmosphere of a landscape onto canvas for the viewer to have an idea of what it was like to be there. His paintings often start with ideas found whilst walking his dog. He usually carries a small sketch book with him, making quick sketches and colour notes. These will sometimes be developed into paintings.

“I love working outdoors when I get the opportunity. Painting by the sea, I often come home tasting the salt on my lips from the spray thrown into the air as the waves crash against the rocks.

I like to encourage people to paint in their own way, rather than like I do, but I help them as they encounter difficulties with the application of the oil paints. I also advise on composition and colour mixing. On location I help them to look for interesting passages of light and shade contrasts rather than big views.”

Hidden Landscapes 18/05/2020


A brand new three day course with artist tutor Andrew Barrowman. Taking you to some of his favourite hidden landscapes around St Ives Andrew will help you to capture the spring hedgerows and quiet pathways and back in the studio develop your studies into evocative landscapes in oils. Learn to create underpaintings to make your paintings glow, master the colours of the Cornish landscape and combine observation with your imagination.