Amy Albright

My approach to teaching is to share all, to demonstrate my unique way of painting in layers and share my love for paint and it’s never ending possibilities. It’s all about the process, experimenting and those happy accidental discoveries. St Ives School of Painting is very special, with stunning inspiration on the doorstep and an aura of creativity in the studios that is contagious.
I paint in a very intuitive way, responding to the unpredictability of using oil paint in a fluid, playful manner. Drawn to areas where land and water meet, I travel, take photos and research but my imaginary abstract landscapes form only when the act of painting begins; by layering paint glazes, pouring, imprinting and accentuating previous marks.

Unsettled pressure 100 x 120cm oil on canvas 2013

Revealing Landscape 09/09/2019


Learn to create enigmatic paintings inspired by landscape. Use oil paint with fresh and fluid methods that reveal and respond to traces of marks and colour. Two Artist tutors will show you how to enjoy the process of layering, erasing and exposing in an organic and exciting way. It is a great opportunity to build your confidence using oils, loosen up and widen your painting repertoire.